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For over a century, the Albin Jacumin Domain has seen four generations of wine makers successively passing down their passion and pride from father to son.

Our domain has evolved, first started by Aimé, it was then passed onto his son Alain who managed, with the support of his wife Sylvette to perpetuate his father’s passion for the noble craft of wine making. They have also extended the estate. Their son Albin and his wife Agnès are now skillfully striving to maintain and modernize the domain.
The wine making know-how varies from one wine grower to another, each one adding his personal touch. On top of the many necessary skills, which have been transmitted from one generation to the next, we have also been blessed with a vineyard characterized by the diversity of its soil, hence allowing us to obtain complex cellar wines.

Thanks to a reasoned approach, Albin manages to obtain a truly elegant wine.

To remain sustainable, we always strive to follow a traditional approach and to produce cellar wines that can be enjoyed within the next decade and after for some.

Châteauneuf du pape red 2017 LA BEGUDE DES PAPES receive the “Coup de coeur” from the jurry.

Certificate of women’s competition 2014 in Beaune

Gold Medal for the red Châteauneuf du Pape 2011